05 February 2009

Tri - do!

So the first meeting for the triathlon group was last night. It was super cool to hear from someone who did it last year - what to expect & all that. Lots of logistics. It was incredibly inspiring to see her pictures crossing each finish line. But the meeting was huge & I'm not sure that big of a group is for me...I feel like I'm very self-motivated and have several good friends doing it, so we can be there, supporting as needed.
My friend & I went and bought a couple of books today on training, as well as some new bras. We did this after swimming laps (and doing a sort of lame aqua circuit class), both agreeing that the swim will be the hardest part for us. We will train in the ocean over the summer.
Overall I'm feeling great about this!
Anyway, I've come up with my own little catch phrase for all this...contrary to the common mom-anthem about not having time:
I don't have time not to exercise!

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