10 February 2009

where's the moxie?

(first - I attended a birth of a little girl who's middle name is Moxie!  cool)

I'm feeling a little less brave today, somehow.  Maybe because my focus is half on waiting to hear from a momma in a little labor.  Originally we thought she would give birth yesterday...because that's what my 4yo had said would happen ("What are we gonna do after your birth tomorrow, mom?).  Sure enough, she went into labor yesterday AM but it's been fits & starts.  Yesterday at 3pm he revised his prediction to today (not last night, so I actually slept well, but did speak with the momma once in the night).  So we'll see...lot's of contractions again but not really gathering steam yet...I may head over, if she likes, to see about some positioning.

Meanwhile, gotta get to the gym - must train!  A little over seven months sounds long (before the triathlon), but I know it will go quickly.  

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