25 February 2009

new toy

My new Kindle reader is here! To open the box I had to pull a tab that read, "Once upon a time..." - cute, no? I'm quite excited in spite of feeling a little odd...no more books? I mean, of course I'll still buy some things in hard copy; this electronic gadget can't replace a kid story book or a design book. But I have to say I love the idea of going on vacation or heading off to a birth (or anyplace where there is the possibility of having time on my hands) with several books (& links to almost anything) taking up the space of a small note pad. There are even kid chapter books so if you finish one & your family is dying for the next one you can download it in seconds.

This extravagant gift from my husband feels a bit like when my MIL gifted me with a Bugaboo stroller when they first came out...I sort of felt like I was driving a Hummer - conspicuous consumption. But I loved that stroller & think I will also love this - it's cool & I like gadgets.

And to sooth my consumption concerns, I will donate the new hard copies of some duplicate books (book club favs) to my local library.


Elizabeth Gallo said...

Just the idea of reading is so EXOTIC! My little ones don't usually let me do it -- when does this phase end?!?!

Nanda Mama said...

Ilya had one of the first versions of this kind of reader when I met him 10 years ago and I thought he was crazy. "I like the feel of books." I told him. I got him a kindle last year for his birthday and now I use it more than he does. It satisfies my instant gratification addiction. Enjoy!