08 April 2009


Yesterday my youngest, my baby, turned five. It sounds so old - so much older than four. He was so excited that he woke up way early and spent the entire day telling everyone he saw, strangers included!

He had already had his party so he just celebrated with a snack to share at preschool and then we went out to dinner at a Japanese hibachi place the kids love (we call it "the place where they cook in front of you" and it's usually where they want to go on birthdays)...every time the music and lights would indicate that it was someone's birthday (they come & sing), he would get all excited and then concerned that they might forget him. But eventually it was his turn & he loved it!

The night before, we had him sleep with us (pretty common, actually) and I told him his birth story again - how he was born in water at home and seemed to swim up to the surface and how we were the very first people ever to touch him. I told him about how his biggest brother, then six, cut the cord and how he had crawled up my belly and started to nurse all on his own.

Five years ago I was snuggled in bed with this baby boy of mine, resting gratefully, knowing we had been blessed and trusting that I could stay in bed with my baby for days and days while others cared for the household. Third time's a charm.

FIVE - wow!


Sarah said...

Wow! Wonderful memories. Happy birth day, mama!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story.

Laura said...

Great birth story and fun to share it with your son.

Amazing how he crawled up to your breast! How long did that take him?

5 does sound old, but he's still your baby.

DoulaMomma said...

Laura - good question about how long it took - it's all kind of hazy but not long...we got out of the tub, I maybe gave birth to the placenta? and settled in to the bed next to the tub, he was on my belly & I was just about to help him when he just did this awesome comando thing & looked like he was going to come at it from one side but then flipped his upper body & attached from a different angle, with perfect form - never had to teach him a thing! Then he passed mec. all over me! ;-)
the cord was still intact for a long time - an hour? more? The kids were busy taking pictures with the camera I had gotten them - thank goodness because no one else remembered to take any!

Elizabeth Gallo said...

AWESOME! Happy Birthday, littlest big boy! I hope you know how awesome your mom is!

DoulaMomma said...

right back at ya, Elizabeth!