19 April 2009

in awe of birthing women

who are willing to surprise themselves...
I had the honor of attending a birth today for some first-time parents. The mom had sort of picked today as the day she wanted her baby to be born and it worked out! Her original birth plan from the start was to get an epidural. And yet she labored so beautifully, really focused, that she opted not to take medication. When we got to the hospital she was 9cm (but with plenty of time) and she was happy to just keep laboring peacefully. She waited until her body really told her it was time to push and she had the good fortune to have picked a wonderful care provider, my favorite OB, who was totally supportive of this.
She pushed for only a little while until her 9lb 4oz son, beautiful and strong, was born. His name will be announced in eight days at his bris.
We were joined by an OB resident who had been a doula herself for a couple of years and actually trained with the same woman who trained and mentored me...so lovely to see a future OB who has really seen all stages of birth.
I was so touched to see my client's mother stand back respectfully, eyes filled with tears and head on her husband's shoulder, as we readied to leave for the hospital. She, too, had had a natural labor and her daughter, my client, had been nearly 10 lbs. Later, I had the joy of seeing all four grandparents waiting together in the lounge area. They had measured out in Post-It notes 21+ inches (and drawn a little baby) to show themselves about how long their new grandchild was. Sweet!

Welcome baby boy! Your momma is so strong - she worked so hard but made it look easy! Your daddy was a wonderful support and cried tears of joy today for you.

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Elizabeth Gallo said...

RIGHT ON! Welcome, baby boy! And welcome to the new member of the mammas club!