06 April 2009


sleep? I don't need no stinkin' sleep...oh how wrong I was!
But that was my feeling yesterday when I came home from being at a birth for about 26 hours (and having had a shortened night's sleep Friday night because of waking up to go to the laboring family)...it was beautiful & sunny and I always have adrenaline after being at a birth. Since my family was all asleep, I ran in and changed and went to the gym for a 90 minute endurance ride spin class. Then off to a birthday party at the zoo.
Well, by yesterday afternoon I was a headachy, grouchy mess. A nap helped and then I went to bed at normal time & slept ridiculously late (thankfully my husband helped get the older kids up and out). Still dragging but mostly back to normal.

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Elizabeth Gallo said...

ah yes, I seem to be stuck in a time like this. I'm thinking a few more months of it... :)