20 April 2009

growing & changing

I think I just saw my preschooler read something! His teacher let him sort & file another class's art work, so he had to read/match the names on their work & their cubbies.

My middle son, 8 & a string bean, has just eaten 2 non-sugary drink yogurts, a peanut butter sandwich, a hot dog & some milk. Whew!

My oldest got up before school to practice grinding (riding a skateboard on an elevated metal rail).

Lots going on with these kids...


Laurie said...

The amount of food 8-year-old boys consume is amazing, given their size! What's with that? I'm always thinking mine can't still possibly be hungry, but I'm always wrong.

DoulaMomma said...

Mine goes through periods of almost insatiable hunger & then eats not much for a time...growth spurts, I guess. It is amazing tough!