16 April 2009

talk back

my most recent post garnered this comment:
Regarding the quote: "Some cite pressure from parents"; I've now heard this notion from doctors defending both inductions and planned c-sections too many times.

I am so sick of hearing the equivalent of "she asked for it" from these doctors!!

It's the most irresponsible, buck-passing, bullshit I've ever heard!

There's a big, big, difference between listening to and emotionally supporting your patients when they are talking about the very real emotional and logistical hardships of the impending entry of a brand-new person into this world, and caving into 'demands' that you KNOW, from your evidence-based, medically "superior" position, are not in the best interests of either the mom or baby.

I mean, are these people feeding their own kids candy and ice cream for dinner, just because "they asked for it"?

Enough with blaming the victim!

to which I respond:
I absolutely agree about blaming the victim...we're too fat, too posh to push and too spoiled to wait...they are just giving us what we want...BS...what about when I want a referral to a chiropractor? They aren't exactly thrilled to placate me then. But then they don't get to clear the decks at a time that works for them and get paid more either.
How about counseling women to live with the swollen fingers and achy back in exchange for a healthier baby with a bigger brain? I don't know anyone who would choose their own comfort over that unless there was a compelling medical reason (such as actual pre-eclampsia)
It's insulting and just another glaring example of the complete lack of informed consent in most cases...

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