22 June 2008

Half-baked plan

I really wanted to bake something for the "Hungry For Change"/"Make every calorie count for victory" bake sale for Obama today - it's being hosted right at my town pool. But time got away from me yesterday/last night and I somehow got recruited to take lots of preteen boys to the movies. So now I will just take a cooler of waters/drinks over to either add to the sale or cool us as we work the table. If it doesn't get rained out.

So just to be clear: my failure to bake does not mean my support for Obama is half-baked.
I am hungry for change, indeed. 1/20/09 - hope it's a good day. Can't come soon enough for me.


Molly said...

Obama = Hope. And I'm damn hopeful. Plus I'm fired up and ready to go!
This blog is awesome! Keep it coming!
love you - mwa

DoulaMomma said...

I am hopeful too, Molly Whitelie/MWS/MWA...
sending love right back,