30 June 2008

"temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events."

That's what Jung was describing when he came up with the term "synchronicity". And synchronicity is cool.
About 48 hours ago I was having dinner in NYC with my visiting college roommate, Sally. We started talking about people from college - friends who lived in our freshman dorm (which totally has air conditioning now!) - people we were close to but with whom we had completely lost touch. Two of the people we were both curious about/would love to find were Johnny & Stephanie.
Fast forward to this afternoon when I checked email and found that the aforementioned Johnny had "friended" me on Facebook. I about fell over. So I look through his Facebook friends and see another old friend, Angie. I'm just about to friend her when I see she has already sent me a request. Viral, man. One of their pages lead to finding Stephanie's. So cool.

So if you're reading this, hi y'all!


sellcrazyelsewear said...

umm that is the guitar player from modern english



DoulaMomma said...

Yea, so? Are you saying I didn't go to college w/the guitar player from modern english? But who cares about modern english - Hanging Francis is where it's at - wish they would do a reunion tour
I should post the whole picture - can't remember the other guy's name...