22 June 2008

"Dancing shoes optional"

That's what the invitation to the memorial service reads. Hmm. Today is the Celebration Of Life for the husband of a doula colleague. I've been asked to read the piece I wrote about this "doula couple" and how death is a lot like birth for the column I write for www.themotherhoodmagazine.com/

I'm never one to shy away from basic black - it's sort of my uniform and a clothing/shoe color to which I have always naturally gravitated (much to my mother's dismay - I think she was concerned about me as a child). But today I'm planning on mixing it up, as the invitation also said "summer casual dress". But are my red platform espadrille sandals with bow a bit much? I want to honor what has been requested - not to dress like it's a funeral (for once). Perhaps I'll bring a second option with me...

I hope I can keep it together while reading. Just like birth work, this isn't about me - it's about this family. I'm just there to assist, to bear witness. And maybe dance a little to celebrate the life of this man, this father and husband, who would have been 49 today. Happy birthday Duke.