23 June 2008

Home Sweet Home

There is a great new statement on Huffington Post about birth which begins,

"Ladies, the physicians of America have issued their decree: they don't want you having your babies at home with midwives.

We can't imagine why not. Study upon study have shown that planning a home birth with a trained midwife is a great choice if you want to avoid unnecessary medical intervention..."

Check out two responses to this resolution to limit women’s autonomy in how, where, and with whom they give birth. http://www.pushedbirth.com/ The first is from Canadian physician and researcher Andrew Kotaska, the second is from the National Childbirth Trust in England, where the government is encouraging women to consider home birth!

Home birth not for you? Fine by me. But please, we need to speak out and protect a women's right to choose (her birth place)! Elective cesarean is being held out as a matter of women's choice by the very doctors who seek to deny women the right to choose home birth. This in spite of the fact that home birth is repeatedly shown to be as safe or safer for healthy women than hospital birth - something that can not be said for all cesareans.

Still not convinced?

Why We Must Stand Together


Unfinished Dad said...

Kim, congrats on your foray into blogging. I'm happy to link to your new creation. Although, I have to say that adding blogger to your list of accomplishments may give the rest of us a complex. Oh, and I've never seen your husband before, I love the picture of you and your boys.

DoulaMomma said...

OK - this blogging thing is BAD. I'm still in my pajamas & the kids are watching TV. It's almost dinner time. Must. Pull. Self. Together.

Need to get a picture of Leo on there too!

love to you all! k