23 June 2008

My 3 international sons?

Having travelled quite a lot, I know that Cheerios do not constitute breakfast in much of the world. In Scandinavia & parts of Europe, for instance, they seem to enjoy lunch meats & cheeses - well, lunch meats for me, breakfast for them. And in Asia they tend toward many things that I'd also rather eat later in the day, like soup. I'm pretty open to most things, but I like my food in order. Breakfast before lunch - it doesn't have to be "American-style breakfast", as hotels might advertise. In fact, I think the French have about the best breakfast going: maybe a soft boiled egg in an egg cup, some crusty bread, some jam, some fruit and yogurt and of course coffee. One of my favorite words - one that makes me feel happy & hopeful is BRUNCH...thoughts of meeting friends on the upper west side maybe - or Raymond's. Brunch is the perfect meal, as far as I'm concerned.
But my children are not so restricted in their approach to meals. They have requested mac n' cheese for breakfast (Amy's in the microwave is not a morning smell I enjoy). And now my oldest has decided that he likes noodle soups for breakfast - the kind from the Asian section of Whole Foods (don't worry - I get the low sodium ones - some have crazy amounts of sodium!). I don't get it. Maybe it's because of the times I have not gone grocery shopping & have trotted out the fun "breakfast for dinner" nights that has lead to this confusion?
I will draw the line if kimchi is requested, I can assure you of that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi


carriex3 said...

Love it, you go sister.....
Add my blog, I'll do the same.

Deb said...

hi kim,

great blog! i am going to link it to my blog. can you do the same!

take care
deb (from the farm group)

susie (from m&m) said...


i grew up in a household (yes, i'm korean-american) where kimchi for breakfast was certainly not verboten. i would be THRILLED if either of my kids expressed any interest in kimchi at all, at any time of day!

DoulaMomma said...

sorry Susie - OK - I confess - I've never had kimchi, but the thought of having to make it for breakfast is too much for me! But I'm open to having my mind changed! ;-)