17 August 2008

full moon

So the full moon came & went. No birth so far (I know some people think this is a myth, but I, along with others, think there is something to it). This is a first time mom (more likely to give birth at about 41 weeks) and not actually even due for a few more days, but I kind of hoped...well, I suppose the lunar pull could still happen...many say the impact is felt for the days surrounding a full moon.
It's not that I'm wishing the birth were over at all. It's just that I start to get itchy when I have not attended a birth for a couple of weeks. And I know that I am entering the phase of extra high-alert where I will double check that my cell ringer is on even more than I already do and start thinking about childcare contingency plans (also more than I already do).

Oh well, patience, grasshopper.

How about you - what wacky things do you do when waiting for births?

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