15 August 2008

tastes like chicken

What's in your fridge?

Bet you don't have a duck head!
(I've taken out the original picture of the duck head in question - seems too lurid in retrospect)

yech...I was cleaning out the refrigerator & came across the remnants of a wonderful family meal in Chinatown two+ weeks ago - Peking Duck. When the chef guy presented the duck to the table before carving, my 7.5 yo asked if he could have the head. I mentally tried to recall if this was on the list of telltale signs of a future serial killer but since the duck was already dead & chef guy seemed to nod with new respect at my son, I tried not to worry. So we brought it home, of course, and I silently congratulated myself for being a cool mom (holy hubris!). I can imagine what someone might think when reading this: yes - it was disturbing to see the disembodied head while I ate the flesh; yes, as a meat eater I really should feel comfortable seeing where my food comes from or not eat it at all; yes, I thought this might be a sign I should be a vegetarian; yes, we did do a mock Aflac ad while dining (come on - I'm just being real).

We also have some left over goat meat that our wonderful Trinidadian babysitter dropped by, along with roti & chana - the kids love her cooking.

We have some ground flax seed - not ground enough, I say - I was chewing bits of something in my breakfast smoothie this morning.

And we have some octopus ceviche, left over from dinner at a Mexican place the other night. The kids thought it tasted just like chicken. I think (know) that we eat out too much.

So what's in your fridge?

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