13 August 2008

swimming with jellyfish

We spent a few days at the beach...

We even went on a rainy day on purpose, in hopes of better waves and had a blast. We made it back to the car just as the first claps of thunder started (don't judge, people - I know I'm a mom & need to be safe - we were & it was fun!)

For some reason, the jellyfish were thick - I've never seen it like that before. The clear ones are harmless; the ones with reddish-brown tentacles can sting, but there were, thankfully, only a few of them.

We think a lot of them were dead already, so we didn't feel too bad about discovering that you can skip them like stones - at least they were getting a chance to get back in the water (she says somewhat sheepishly, trying to feel better about letting her kids skip jellyfish)...

(BTW, DoulaBoy3 was playing on the beach w/DoulaDad - he's just not wave-ready yet)

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