24 August 2008

healing birth trauma

I was just reading mamablogess's birth activist blog and was so excited to learn of the newly created resource, Solace For Mothers. It was created as a place for women to talk about their challenging or traumatic births and begin the process of hopefully moving forward. There is an online community, resources and a place to call for support and referrals to local help.
"Sometimes moving on requires understanding what happened, mastering the story and the experience, and even breaking the silence about what occurred. At times, a woman is ready to take these steps toward healing immediately after her delivery. For some individuals, this process can come years after the experience. Challenging childbirth can have a sense of “freezing in time” until the silence can at last be broken."
I am thrilled to see this available, not only for my clients who might be working through a past birth, but for the many women who call just seeking some support and guidance...they have so many stories to tell and wounds to heal - this seems like a place where that can happen. I am also thrilled that they will provide consultations and education to those of us who work in birth so that we can be better prepared to listen and serve.
Brava to the creators!
And brava to Nicole, another birth blogger, for her wonderful & comprehensive post on this topic.


Elizabeth Gallo said...

Oh, I wish this had existed after my first birth! So glad it is there now!

DoulaMomma said...

so true!

Sarah said...

This is great. I think I'm still getting over my daughter's birthing experience - 3 years ago. (Would have been much worse w/out a doula!)

Nicole D said...

I just blogged about this same thing! I am so glad to see this available for women. OTOH, what is that saying about our health care practices that the need has grown so much to necessitate this type of organization?


DoulaMomma said...

Agreed nicole - I think there is absolutely a connection! Great post - I've edited mine to link to yours.

btw, I'm from Nashville!