22 August 2008

she put a spell on me

Well...it's happened - one more hurtle of growing up, getting older. I bought a pair of "readers" today...those ubiquitous little reading glasses that "mature" (God, how I hate that word in this context) people wear. They are actually cute though - orange & minimal.
At my last eye check up the doctor told me that since I'd turned 40 I would likely need them. I told her that I was seeing just fine, thank you very much. Then almost immediately I started to notice that the lights needed to be a little brighter or I was squinting. Today I just decided to embrace it & actually be able to enjoy the book I'm reading (with its ridiculously small print). Embrace my future crone!


Sarah said...

I actually think reading glasses are hot... even my tattoo artist wears them!

DoulaMomma said...

OK - yeah - I'm gonna go with that impression since the alternative is to feel bad! thanks