29 August 2008

tooth hunt

There's an MIA tooth somewhere in my house - I think... my 7yo lost his front tooth yesterday & then actually lost it. Thanks to the god of teeth for finally taking this one, since it had been hanging there for nearly two weeks, twisted but not quite making a break for it. Once it was out, he was so excited that he wanted to show everyone in the neighborhood...and now it's gone.
Well, the tooth fairy lamely came anyway. He thought she had forgotten him, but apparently she had come on time, just not to his room because she got confused and thought he might have been sleeping elsewhere (a reasonable assumption in our house)...yeah - that's the ticket. whew.


Kristen Cook Tyler said...

D. was really creeped out by the tooth fairy and refused all loot offered by her!
that was handy!

DoulaMomma said...

no such luck around here - we screwed ourselves by setting the bar a bit high in the tooth fairly dept.!

randiedoula said...

I see you have karen's blog linked here...are you going to the NJ BOLD show??

DoulaMomma said...

hi randiedoula,
I hope to attend - saw the production last year (in the fall, I think) in NYC - amazing! How about you?

Wendy said...

Have you found it yet?

My seven year old seems to be rolling in the tooth fairy dough lately. Good thing she has a big supply of four shiny quarters.

DoulaMomma said...

no luck on the tooth.
my 10 yo is pretty brutal about ripping teeth out as soon as they have the slightest wiggle - he's all about they cash!
Wait - is the tooth fairy paying your kid w/ kid's own money?! :-)