29 March 2009

ER EZ pass?

Since it seems I'm such a loyal customer of the ER, I'm thinking I should get every 10th visit free or something...maybe some frequent flier miles at least?
Yes - that's right - another trip last night...same kid (the one with the cast) split his forehead open at a friend's party - tripped over a skateboard. Great: a skateboarding injury when he wasn't even riding!
5 hours (getting home at 5am - an ER visit has never been that bad before) and 12 stitches later, the plastic surgeon (jokingly) offered me the left over suture packs given our family makeup (all boys). Another doctor threatened to make my kid live in a bubble if he came back anytime soon!
The plastic surgeon was kind of funny in a quirky way - kept saying the local anesthesia was "going to hurt like HELL! Because it has acid in it! So it's OK to yell - because it's gonna hurt - LIKE HELL - from the ACID!"
The upside? We actually had some nice mother-son time with a bonus facts of life talk that just organically happened. I'm hoping we can continue to have these talks and fun times minus the ER visits, at least for awhile.


doula Lynn said...

how do the facts of life weave their way into an ER visit?

Elizabeth Gallo said...

jeeeeeeez. hope *you're* ok! oxox E.

DoulaMomma said...

Lynn - good question! I'm not even sure how it came up - hospitals lead to talk about birth to talk about facts of life, I guess...just one in a long series of talks.

Thanks Eliz!

Laura said...

Poor kid, but nice bonding time :)

Hope he feels better and heals nicely.