03 March 2009

seize the day!

My friend/neighbor called today to ask if I was up for a spontaneous lunch between her writing deadlines & my appointments with clients and all my broken-armed & sick kids, who were temporarily covered by a sitter. I said sure - it was perfect timing, so we had a little Japanese food. As soon as she sat down, she said she had a proposal...hmmm.
We had joked yesterday that we wished the kids had gone to school instead of having a snow day so that the grownups could go sledding. SO: she had brought a big two-person inflatable sled, hats & gloves...if I was up for it, that is.

Of course I was & it was such fun - you can't help but giggle when you're sailing downhill on a sled! Turns out that it was her birthday (note to self for next year) & she wanted to be sure to do something not grown-up! Nice one!

Happy birthday Laura!!


carriex3 said...

TOO cute.... Wiah I was there to snap a picture:)

Enjoy the sun, and HAVE FUN!!

Laurie said...

I am honored to make the blog! Cool.
Carrie -- wish you were there, too--- to ride with us, not just snap the picture! Very last minute plans. Wonder what the snow will be like tomorrow???