20 March 2009

grooming & soothing

I read something interesting today: right around ovulation women put more effort into their appearance (they studied it, but the details are tedious, so just trust me) - I suppose nature is trying to up our chances to conceive. But just before our periods (they also learned) we tend to do lots of grooming too - and this is thought to be self soothing...I think that's kind of sweet!

Rather than over-grooming myself this month (though I did polish my nails & inspect my slightly dry skin today!), I managed to water-log my heart rate monitor watch (I guess you are not supposed to change your own battery, lest the seal be forever-weakened, making it a sitting duck for the chlorinated depths of the pool), accidentally tossed my gym locker key in with my dirty towel (and thus got to sort through everyone's dirty towels to find it) and forgot to return some jeans within the store's policy limits...forget soothing - I apparently need something to blow out the cobwebs from my brain - maybe that compressed air-in-a-can in my ear?

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