23 March 2009

recycle at Whole Foods

I know every community is different, but many do not accept #5 plastics & Brita filters.

Now they can be brought to Whole Foods to be recycled. The manufacturer Preserve is recycling them into razor and toothbrush handles. http://www.preserveproducts.com/recycling/

Whole Foods stores in NJ that accept #5 plastics and Brita filters -- look for "Gimmee 5" bins:
Red Bank
West Orange

Additional instructions for Brita filters:
1. Dry the filter by shaking off excess water and setting it in a dry place for at least three days.
2. Wrap the filter in a plastic grocery bag, which will be recycled at the Preserve Gimme 5 destination.
3. Drop the wrapped filter in the Preserve Gimme 5 bin.

Combine this with sending plastic bottle caps (which hopefully there are fewer of as many of us have switched away from singe-use water bottles) to Aveda via my local Girl Scouts & there is a lot less going to waste!

I wonder if that company (Preserve) would accept other water filters used by PUR or refrigerators?

Happy Recycling!!

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