18 March 2009

RIP, Natasha Richardson

Of course it's sad, the death of anyone - a mother, someone young and beautiful. But I'm not sure why I'm so troubled by this story. I've been checking the news frequently since I found out yesterday of the accident.
Perhaps it's that I am a skier. That I skied Mont Tremblant last year. That she was only a few years older than I am. That we are both mothers of sons. That my son just had a minor ski accident and broke his arm.
Whatever it is, I just find this story so unbelievably sad and frightening. She could have worn a helmet - I do and have for at least 5 years. That might have helped. But I've fallen and hit my head hard. And I read that helmets, regular helmets of us mere mortals & not the pros, only protect up to about 17mph or less ...people who are good skiers ski much faster than that (but they still really help).
But sking isn't the issue...this could happen walking on an icy sidewalk.
Still...I am chilled to the bone and wishing peace for her soul and for her family.

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