23 March 2009


I love witnessing situations where people just won't give up...my sons yesterday were prime examples. My almost five year old was on a huge, multi-story climbing wall and encountered a tough patch (an outcropping sort of area)...but he kept at it & made it to the top. My oldest, eleven, spent hours trying to get his "density tower" (layering of liquids, trying to get at least 5 distinct layers) to work for science class, writing up every time it didn't work...he might still be at it if I hadn't kicked him out so I could make dinner.

For most women who have a natural birth, it really comes down to this - shear will. Not every birth cooperates, but determination (stubbornness?) is a huge factor I think.

I'm counting on this for the triathlon in September!

(the picture is my youngest at his brother's birthday party last year - he was 3 at the time)

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