03 January 2009

cool reader comment

Not sure if this was in relation to the 20/20 segment last night or the news article, but I thought it was worth sharing - so thanks anonymous Jay! (ps: I had to look up bdsm!)
Western woman are continually conditioned about all sorts of things from what to wear [classic couture], to how to look [thin not fat], how to have sex [no bdsm/fetishes] and how to give birth [nothing esoteric, just on a table on your back]

This piece was brilliant. For years woman have been brainwashed with all these different messages of what motherhood is and should be, and how it should flow. Yet no one tells you how important, not only the conception is, but how much more important, the very beginning of that child coming out of your body, will be in setting the tone, between your sacred temple [your body], your heart, the life you created, and your partner. Every step of the way, that entire union needs to be respected by you, and those in the room.

Yes, not for all woman but some women out there are blessed with the ability to transform their thoughts/attitudes into vibrations and release those endorphins that the body responds to and transform them into powerful relaxation techniques. These woman can definitely have a relaxed orgasmic water birth, have these amazing doulas, and these enlightened husbands/partners, that bring good energy and light into the birthing room, that their body soak up during labor that allow these woman to give birth in an orgasmic state. There is tantric sex, runners high after a marathon, lightness in the head after a great yoga class, why can't these women have orgasms have during birth?

Its all about thought, attitude, and perception. We need to see more of these stories, and give our new moms more choice in their care and the health of their children.


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