25 January 2009

the hard sell

I'm home cleaning up, putting the house back in order...in the background has been playing infomercial after infomercial that came on after some show someone was watching earlier & I don't know why I have not changed the channel. Facial rejuvenation, commemorative coins, exercise equipment & colon cleanse programs. I like to think of myself as a pretty informed consumer and, well, not a sucker. But just hearing this constant stream of messages in the background has had me thinking, "hmm- maybe I should try that","ooh - maybe that really works"...

This is just an hour and a half of messages & yet it's been sort of hypnotizing. Is it any wonder that women line up for every bell & whistle that promises a "safe" birth? A lifetime of this barrage...on the news, on fictional TV shows, from our friends, from our mothers, in books...
It's overwhelming & insidious. And yet some of us are able to see beyond it all and trust birth.

I'm going to go turn off the TV - I don't need a solution to back pain...my back feels fine but if I listen long enough I'm sure it will start to hurt. I'm going to trust that I'm OK.

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