04 January 2009

Huffington Post on Orgasmic Birth

here - kinda cool!  
Although there is natural connection, I assume the writer puts Debra Pascali-Bonaro, director of Orgasmic Birth & Laura Shanley, of the Unassisted Childbirth, movement together in the article because he and his wife had unassisted homebirths.  Anyway, the inclusion of the topic on The Huffington Post makes me feel that a certain critical mass is being reached, or at least we are moving in that direction.


Laura Shanley said...

Thanks for the link, Kim! Actually, Lee interviewed me because I've been writing and speaking about orgasmic birth for many years. I posted my article "Orgasmic Childbirth" (www.orgasmicchildbirth.com) in 2000, and have spoken about it in several TV and radio interviews over the years. "20/20" interviewed me for both the orgasmic birth and homebirth segments, but I only made it into the homebirth one. However, if you explore Debra's site you'll see that many of the stories posted are of unassisted births. Some of this may be due to the privacy factor in UC's. Perhaps couples feel more comfortable being intimate if they're alone.

DoulaMomma said...

Thanks for this information, Laura...I'm sure you're right about the sense of privacy making orgasmic birth more likely.
It's been a while since I've really explored your site & will do now!