06 January 2009

dirty laundry

...nothing exciting - just actual laundry, though it's clean now. If it was even actually dirty - I have a couple of costume-changing offenders who would rather put a discarded clean item on the floor or even in the hamper (progress!) than fold it and put it back where it goes.

There is something satisfying about getting the laundry done. I should know - I just did about 10 loads (no hyperbole) over the last 2 days - it had really piled up.
But I no sooner "finish" and they take their clothes off & it's time to start all over again. I know I can't be alone in this feeling. Can't they let me appreciate a job well done for even one day?
Maybe Tuesdays should be Naked Day!


Caitlin said...

Yes nudist day! We think that would be really good here too.

LunaSoror said...

no kidding!! I feel good for about 10 minutes and then the laundry basket is filled again. It helped when I started making the big one do his own laundry when he as 13("Mazel Tov, now you are a man, you shall do your own laundry"). Although I have to hold my tongue about the pile of clothes in his room and the fact that soemtimes he wears a pair of boxers inside out because he ran out!