03 January 2009

keep 'em comin'

Thanks for the feedback, fearlesschef,
I was terribly disappointed with the show... I wanted more of an informational session than an attack session on people who choose to have their babies in "nonconventional" ways. My husband wasn't as impressed either. The only part that I like was the brief spot on the orgasmic birth... it was only enough to pique my curiosity... any suggestions for reading materials?
Agreed! Seek out the film Orgasmic Birth (maybe host a screening in your area!), as well as The Business of Being Born (you can rent/download from Netflix). Try to find a copy of NaolĂ­ Vinaver Lopez's short film, Birth Day. Check out books by Ina May Gaskin, and Pushed by Jennifer Block, maybe throw in Henci Goer's Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth...those are good places to start. Enjoy!

(and I checked your blog - maybe I'll make some curry tonight!)


fearlesschef said...

I just finished Ina May's book tonight and am beginning on the Bradley Method book (5th edition)later. Thank God for The Business of Being Born, because that was how I convinced my husband to let me do a home birth... :D So happy. You should look at my profile for my baby blog as I am really excited to share the homebirth/midwife experience with people.

DoulaMomma said...

will check your baby blog! congrats on your pregnancy & upcoming homebirth!

def. try to see Birth Day - so beautiful!!