09 January 2009

look closely!

lactivist's reaction to the Facebook controvercial ban on certain breastfeeding shots...check out how the picture was made...very cool:

Thanks for the heads up, Kristen!


argwolff said...

That's great.

I don't know if you caught my status update yesterday, but I'm more than a little disgusted that while Facebook says breastfeeding pictures that show part of the nipple or areola go against their decency policy, they have no problem accepting ad dollars and displaying ads from American Apparel. The ad I saw showed three or four shots of the same girl in various states of undress posing as if she were in Playboy.

So breastfeeding is obscene, but sexually provocative pictures of a model who looks underage is just fine?

I spent way too much time trying to figure out how I could complain, but I couldn't find anywhere I could lodge a complaint. Do you have a link?

DoulaMomma said...

Brilliant analysis, Angela - I totally agree!

Anonymous said...


Safety FAQs
For Users:

I saw an explicit, hateful or otherwise objectionable ad on Facebook. What do I do?

Please email advertise@facebook.com to report that ad. We will use our best efforts to remove any ads that violate our Terms of Use.

DoulaMomma said...

thanks, I guess, Anonymous...mind if I just call you Big Brother? eek - unless,of course, you are not w/ FB & just someone being helpfull

Corin said...

This is such a great clip! I would like to put it on my blog, but didn't see an embedded code? Where can I get it? And do you mind me linking to you?

DoulaMomma said...

Hey Corin - of course you can link to me...can't recall how I did it but it was easy enough at the time...I could try to send you the embed code (must put it in the other posting mode)