05 December 2008

birth photos

I just finished uploading some birth photos for a client (password protected) and must say, I love them. Because I am not a trained photographer (but am told I have a good eye, blush), I think I am not constrained by function so much. I know that I prefer images with no flash (and think the baby, once born, prefers it too!) since I can lighten them later if needed. I know that if I hold my breath & steady myself, they will usually be clear & that even the blurry ones can be beautiful. If using my own camera (a digital SLR), I know I can adjust settings for very low light, even candlelight or capture fast movement.
What I really enjoy doing is, I suppose, a documentary style - capturing the little details as well as the big moments. To me, the filling out of forms, the cup of ice chips, the Yahtzee game left in mid-play, the bumper stickers on the midwife's car... are all part of the story. And I love to get the cutting of the cord and all the firsts, to try to capture the vibe, the tears, the joy.


Kristen said...

We treasure the photos you took for us, Kim!

DoulaMomma said...

I'm so glad! Did I use your camera? I don't feel like I've seen them.
Anyway, I think I'm trying to make up for the fact that I have almost zero pictures of my own births!