08 December 2008

ties that bind

Today I was meeting with clients and they said that it seems like they keep finding connections to me - meeting people who have taken a class with me or have had me attend their birth. How wonderful - I love being so connected to the wide circle that is my life.
In days gone by, I imagine that's what the town midwife or doctor felt like...being trusted to be a part of such peak rites of passage with members of my community. I was thinking about that yesterday as I set out for a day of one prenatal and two postpartum visits...being able to take time to explore with people the special place of having just given birth or being about to...holding a baby that is hours or days old.
I'm very lucky and I know it!


Laura said...

I agree--you are lucky! I have thought of becoming a doula and even looked up what the training is once. It seemed a little daunting to me at the time. But, I had a baby and a toddler then. Times are different now.

How were you trained? How did you get into the profession?

How wonderful to have a career where you help people welcome their babies into the world. Amazing.

DoulaMomma said...

How dis I train?
I went to law school! Ha!
I was lucky - my husband was supportive of me quitting law stuff and doing what really interested me - birth. I fell in love with all things pregnancy/birth related during & after my first pregnancy. Friends would ask me for information or to sit with them in labor...and so when I decided, it fell into place really easily. I found a DONA training (and lucked out to have found the most amazing, respected teacher who became a mentor and is now a friend and colleague), and the births came...there was a lot more to it, of course. Books to read, papers to write, births to attend, evaluations, getting certified in childbirth education...but if you feel called, Laura, I say do it...you can do it on your own time-table and it can be completely over-taking or not...you set the boundaries!

Sarah said...

It is the connections with all the different people in life that I find most rewarding. How amazing to have a profession that allows you to do that!