18 December 2008

little traditions

Around this time of year there are many traditions big and small...things we do every year that bring us joy.

Today was a day for many of those little things for me. Although I don't work in a typical office, I like to think of the yearly breakfast or lunch with my dear friend as our version of the office party (only fun!) with our in-the-trenches mom colleague. We may only meet at the diner or a local lunch place (today was Indian), but what's fun is that we exchange all the little items we have bought or made throughout the year for each other. The best is that we really know the other's taste and have taken note of little things commented on over time...you know - like we might want our husbands to do but we realistically do for each other instead!
After that, I ran all my pre-Christmas errands in town - visiting my favorite merchants and buying little stocking stuffers and admiring ornaments. I know it's sort of the calm before the storm of grocery shopping and cooking and airport runs to pick up relatives...some nice friend time and alone time to enjoy & reflect.
There is something so comforting about the yearly rituals.

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carriex3 said...

Oh the joy and calm you bring to my life....
I am blessed by your kindship...