23 December 2008

it's official

My conversion to suburban mom is complete. I am about to put a bumper sticker on my minivan that says, "My Child Is An Honor Student At...". Don't get me wrong - I'm proud & pleased. But it just seems like the last nail in the coffin of any urban coolness I once had. One might say that the three kids were enough. Or the fact that I'm on my second minivan. Or that cool bi-level cupcake carrier I sought out & ordered for taking in cupcakes for class-mom duties.
But now my bumper, which has pretty much been a (minimalist) canvas for my political/social self (though there was that one school magnet, but it fell off pretty quickly) is now making room for this "all mom, all the time" notification to the world.
I know I should just shut up & be grateful, but I also shouldn't have held on to my New York Magazine subscription for years after moving (29 minutes - see? - I can't even say "half hour"!) out of the city, telling myself, "but it's just a few miles!".
I can see the future already - next a lacrosse sticker & soon, no room for my "Be About Peace" magnet...ah, the sacrifices. ;-)


Caitlin said...

Ha ha ha!!!! So true so true.

DoulaMomma said...

ha! It's been brought to my attention that my HONOR student needed to help me spellcheck, as I'd written "honer" & spellcheck didn't catch it. doh!

Caitlin said...

I missed it too! Happy Hanukkah and Festivus and whatever else you celebrate!