04 December 2008


That's Girls' Night Out, in case you are wondering. And I went to one last night (& am going to a few tonight - don't worry - my husband got some friend time too this week). I must confess a small white lie - I was feeling like it might not go over well to go out two nights in a row, so I may have mentioned something about the PTA...

Anyway, this particular GNO was at the home of someone I had been wanting to get to know better for a long time. I felt like I knew her already, virtually through her hilarious & wise posts on our local mothers' & town message boards. And we had met a few times & chatted about birth. But I hoped for the opportunity to get to know her better & told her so. So when her invitation arrived, I eagerly accepted.

Our hostess was specific that carrot sticks were not welcomed - you had to come with either alcohol or a sugary treat. One person did bring sparkling pomegranate juice, but the antioxidants were overlooked due to the sugar content. The hostess made the most fab chocolate pecan pie and showed me around her warm & gracious home.

Immediately conversation turned to politics and how in the US it's considered by most to be impolite to discuss. And you know what? We went on to talk in-depth about religion, race relations, and education - we even talked PTA! whew.

I love that every rule was broken...what we ate and drank, what we talked about & how late we stayed out. It was fun & nourishing - I love connecting with other passionate, smart, funny women, many of whom I had never met, some I'd wanted to get to know better and one I knew pretty well (as I had attended her birth). What a great night - thanks to all who were a part of it - most especially, our hostess.


Sarah said...

Good for you! Nights like this are food for the soul.

Nanda Mama said...

Good for you! I need one of those. Enjoy!

Laura said...

That's fantastic! Everyone needs a night like that every once in a while. Talking politics is stimulating, I think...and race...and education...and sugar and alcohol on top of it?! Wonderful.