19 December 2008

snow day

It's the first snow day of the season & I love it! I canceled plans & stayed off the roads. The kids are home from school & I've been making hot coco as they come & go from outside. I've shoveled & salted. I spent this afternoon with my neighbors, lingering over coffee & making plans for a glass of wine later. No one is really due (not that that means anything), so I'm probably going to get to stay snug as a bug. Lasagna supplies are en route when my husband shuffles up the hill from the train. Think I might read some while the kids watch a movie. Ahhhh.

(the picture above was taken in Quebec last year - alas, no babbling brook at my house!)

1 comment:

Laura said...

What a cozy time for you all! Sounds great.

Enjoy the wine too.