01 December 2008

listening generously

The other day was the National Day Of Listening. In celebration of this, a public radio program, Speaking Of Faith, had a great show on Listening Generously, with a terrific guest: Rachel Naomi Remen. She is a physician who now teaches other doctors the importance of listening. She spoke about how the rigors of medical school and the path to becoming a physician can actually harm one's sense of humanity and compassion & thus physicians have a very high rate of depression and often times are not as helpful as they could be because they are seeking to distance themselves in hopes of self-protection & objectivity. She basically talks about the importance of bearing witness, holding the space. Doulaing!
I found her words so enlightening and was feeling such compassion for the doctors I have sometimes really resented or by whom I and my clients are occasionally frustrated. They have given up so much to be physicians and it hurts them and it hurts us, their patients.
Do yourself a favor and listen to what she has to say...it's amazingly good stuff.

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