30 December 2008

RIP, Christine Maggiore

I am gutted to hear of your passing. Such a cliche, but I was just emailing with you...how can it be that you are gone?
Only 52, but what a life. My prayers are with your family, Robin & Charlie. I hope you are in a wonderful & happy place with EJ - peace, my friend.


Nanda Mama said...

I remember the interview with her in The Motherhood. I am so sorry to hear that too. May all the brings you and her family comfort be yours and theirs in abundance.

in peace

Kristen Cook Tyler said...

I'm really sorry for your loss, Kim. She sounds like a wonderfully interesting and enriching person to have known.

Anonymous said...

A powerful, and sad women with a great loss no mother should have to experience, may she now be at peace.

Lisa D. said...

I am very saddened to hear about Christine's death.

I wonder if I would have had the same courage as she did — to question the HIV/AIDS paradigm, and in essence, defy the Western medical establishment.

I know she believed in her cause and her fight, and that she was a mother who loved her children as dearly as any of us do.

I know she wanted the best for her family — the "best" being defined according to her and her husband's beliefs. Even if they were in opposition to the majority.

I pray she now has all the answers that alluded her in life, and a peaceful reunion with her baby daughter.

Lisa Duggan
The MotherHood

Sarah said...

OH - SO sad! She seemed like an amazing woman.