25 September 2008


Love it! For the rest you'll have to get the book or even better, the companion, Porn For New Moms!


thespinninghand said...

god, I love this book. I bought it for my SIL last Christmas.
My fave goes something like this: "You know, we can get really good parking at the craft fair because the championship game is on TV."

DoulaMomma said...

yes - that's a good one...so good that I added it!

Love This Life... said...

Hi there, Good bloggin'
Just found and flipped through this hilarious book at the bookstore last month... almost bought it... it made me laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing it here... I found your blog through Ami McKay's facebook - Cheers, Sally (mum of two sons - lucky to be keeping 'em close too)

DoulaMomma said...

Thanks for your note Sally - wow - your little corner of the world looks pretty idyllic...I will check in to see more of your lovely photos!
So Canada - can we show up on your doorstep someday if we become refugees? ;-)
My youngest son looks like she could be brothers with your kids.