06 September 2008

One by ONEsie

The organization MomsRising (as seen in the documentary, The Motherhood Manifesto) is working to bring important motherhood and family issues to the forefront of the country's awareness and create both cultural and legislative change. They have been quite involved in paid family leave in NJ. A current campaign, called The Power of ONEsie, is aimed at our leaders and those seeking office during this election, most recently at both conventions.
Imagine a beautifully presented long chain of decorated baby onesies stretching all around your state capital as a visual representation of the real people who need the policies being debated inside the imposing buildings...One by ONEsie, working together, we can show the nation that we are a creative and powerful force for good family policy, as well as help our politicians to pay attention to issues which have long been ignored.
I like the idea and sure hope that transparency & choices in birthing, the cesarean crisis, support for midwives and breastfeeding advocacy made it onto some of these ONEsies.

MomsRising is also seeking signatures on a
letter to Sarah Palin...
She's a mom, but where does she stand? In Gov. Palin’s Vice Presidential nomination speech we didn't hear much about the issues that mothers deal with each and every day like healthcare, fair pay, early learning, paid sick days, and flexible work.

I know I'm being immature but I'm not quite ready to communicate with this candidate. I get that it's the smart thing to do, I'm just not there yet.

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