09 September 2008

equal opportunity lameness

In one of my favorite blogs, Unfinished Dad, he laments the fact that first kids get more attention in some ways - like the number of baby pictures we take of them. It's true, but...well, I posted this comment:
There was an episode of that TV show "Roseanne", where the parents try to pass off pictures of the older kids when the youngest has a school project requiring a bunch of his baby photos...the parents get busted.

I've been equally fair (or equally lame) to my 3 kids - none have* a finished baby book...all will have a therapy fund!

Maybe I need this. (though it sort of seems like any nice-ish box would do!)

(the above picture is my youngest at 6mo, now 4yo, sporting a new-just-for-him Halloween costume. No hand-me-down from the dress-up bin costume for this guy - at least not that year...the fact that he's wearing an elephant costume is not a political statement! ;-)

*none have? or is it has?


Sarah said...

I *think* it's "have" (as in "none of them have")... ? My mother would know, I'm sure.

I thought the adorable elephant was a political statement for a minute! Ha ha.

Sarah said...

Oh, and I have no baby book for mine, either... I have no patience for such things! My blog will have to suffice.

DoulaMomma said...

Based on your comment, I made a few changes! ;-)

I like to think of myself as someone who will do a baby book, but I guess the reality is that I'm deluded & don't really have the patience for it either! At least you have the blog!