21 October 2008

bridge to somewhere

Moms helping moms VOTE!
I received an email about an excellent & inspired idea - I thought I would pass it along...
If you're interested in participating in a
cooperative playdate on Election Day,
please email me off-loop and I'll send
you an evite.
This is not an official event, but rather
my effort to empower moms to vote without
having to drag the kids along.

You can go and vote solo (no sneaking out
for a pedicure,now!) then return to my
house to help watch others'children for
one hour.
It should be fun! (a little crazy, but fun!)
Now I like to take my kids with me if possible so they can feel a part of voting and appreciate the importance. But the lines could be long, so I think it's fantastic that someone is organizing this. It really shows what one person, mom or dad, can do to make a difference...that person could be you.

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