22 October 2008

prenatal peace & calming

My dear friend & colleague, Jill Wodnick, has released a wonderful tool for pregnancy and birth. I put it on one night when my kids would not go to sleep and my seven year old said, "I don't even know what that lady is talking about but she's making me feel ready for sleep". And sleep he did. OK, so I know that's not the intention, but my point if that Jill's voice is incredibly soothing and she really shines in leading guided visualizations.
We are now learning so much about how stress impacts our babies prenatally - they experience what we experience. How wonderful to have a guide to show us a way of soothing ourselves and the babies in our bellies.
Additionally, Jill is donating a portion of all sales to a very worthy cause: EarthBirth, A Global Women's Health Collective.

This CD can be purchased at Jill's website or downloaded to your MP3 player - check it out!

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