14 October 2008

who does she think she is?

New from the Academy Award winning filmmaker for "Born into Brothels", Pam Boll offers her second film, "Who Does She Think She Is?".

Check out the (longer) trailer here.

It is a story about women artists who must juggle the needs of their families and their art while finding that they may be judged harshly as not a serious enough mother or artist. But isn't it really a metaphor for what all mothers go through to some degree?

IMPORTANT: If you can get to NYC to see this ASAP...
The film opens at the Angelica Film Center on October 17 and will run through Sunday. If there is enough attendance, it will go through the 26th. Let's support this mother, this artist.

And if you have not yet seen Born Into Brothels, do - it's fantastic.

(thanks to Jill for passing on the info!)


Sarah said...

This looks amazing! Am going to try to take my mom this weekend...

DoulaMomma said...

What a lovely idea (to take you mom)!