21 October 2008

Tag - I'm it!

OK, so I've been tagged by The Trial of Labor...to play the game, I have to write six things about myself that have not yet been revealed on this blog. Because the person who tagged me revealed personal or embarrassing things about herself, I will too.

1. I feel excited to have been tagged - like I've somehow arrived in blog-land! Does that make me a loser? Maybe. I think so...
2. I write things on lists even after I have done them just so I can have the pleasure of crossing them off.
3. The world thinks I'm super organized, but I'm not. I'm not a mess, but I do have big piles of stuff that should be filed and I'm not a super great record keeper.
4. Based on #3, it should come as no surprise that I'm a procrastinator. I procrastinated writing this list for 2 days!
5. I'm a bit of a public radio snob but watch a fair amount of trash TV - well, not like daytime trash or wrestling or something, but I have my TV addictions. So much so that I try to have a rule of giving up one show before adding another. I actually like summertime so that I don't feel obliged to keep up with many shows - how lame is that?!
6. I check my email and several political sources & various blogs way too many times a day...my husband sometimes calls me "Bloggie" & resents my computer use at times. (see #4)

Now I have to tag 6 others...hmm.
I choose:
Cooler Than The Cat, We Don't Buy It, Del Pico De Gallo, Creative & Blessed, Crabmommy, and The Human Pacifier

You all should make a post referring to this post, reveal your own 6 things & tag 6 others!


Corin said...

Ooooh fun, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I resemble a lot on your list!
~ Kimberly

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tag. After I procrastinate a bit, I'll get to it. ;)

Elizabeth Gallo said...

fun, fun, fun -- i tagged you back and six more today!

Laura said...

I'm with you on #6, Kim.

Thanks for tagging me. When I am done procrastinating, I will post my answers on my blog...