13 October 2008

pictures from Conception, Pregnancy & Birth

Yesterday was great - a wonderfully full, exhilarating event. It was a honor to assist Gayle Lemke of Shakti Ma, who did a fantastic job of making this day happen! Thanks to Lisa Duggan of The MotherHood for feeding us.

Here's Anna Verwaal and then the panel for the discussion I moderated - so nice to have Pushed author Jennifer Block, a wise and compassionate OB (Dr. Winsome Parchment), a hospital midwife, a fellow doula, a mom who has birthed in hospital/birth center/home (just like me!), and Anna.

A shout out to all the lovely couples who came and hopefully learned some new, exciting stuff. These sorts of events are so great because they educate and inspire but also because it's a chance for those of us who love and believe in birth to gather together. Some of my favorite people in the world were all in the same room yesterday and I feel so nourished for having spent time with these passionate, articulate, smart women.

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Elizabeth Gallo said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I'm so bummed I missed it! :(