31 October 2008

I heart Jon Stewart

So the show was fab! It started off a bit rocky when I realized I'd left my wallet at home (and driven with no license)...you are supposed to have ID to get in! I grabbed my AAA card & insurance card out of my car. We considered various stories...I'm a New Yorker & don't drive (but have a AAA card & car insurance?), wallet stolen (fake tears), use someone's old license she happened to have...ugh. Lots of good conversations about adventures with fake IDs in our youth.
I had gone once before, but this time we had VIP tickets, thanks to my pal Carrie, who won them at a charity event. We stood in a long line at first, but then realized that the VIP section was behind just a couple of other folks. Well, VIPs apparently don't have to show ID! Whew.
We waited for a long while, so eventually nature called (that and the repeated warning that you will not be let out of your seat). Wouldn't you know that Jon Stewart & company understands the way to the hearts & minds of women...multiple ladies rooms, one co-ed & one just for men! Word to ya motha, Jon!
We had front row seats. The warm up guy was really, really funny. But I was distracted by my mission...Lisa Duggan, who publishes The MotherHood had asked me to try to get a copy (since it's the politics issue) to Jon (I think I can call him just Jon now). I asked a producer to pass it along, but he said to just give it to Jon when he came out before the show started. Really?! But sure enough, he came out & asked for questions - there were two (one asking if Sarah Palin would be a guest - he said she had not actually returned calls inviting her - go figure!). He called on me...and our encounter went like this:

Jon: yes - do you have a question?
me: not a question - I have something for you
Jon: Wow - that's sort of awkward, 'cause I didn't actually get you anything (laughs)
me: that's OK
Jon: So what is it?
me: it's a magazine called The MotherHood and it has a funny political cartoon on the cover we thought you would appreciate!
Jon: Did you draw it?
me: Um, no but I wrote an article inside...
Jon: well, then I guess I'll look forward to reading it? (shaking head no & miming an "I'm never going to read this" look)
me: Jon - it's from NJ like you
Jon: actually I was born in NYC (audience boos) What's wrong with NYC? (meaning, "What - am I being mean?") OK - give it to (bla bla) [producer comes & takes] Thanks!

The show was very funny & we laughed & smiled so much that my cheeks hurt. Good times!

pictures: Carrie, me, & Jennifer (giver of the old ID) - note that I'm clutching white envelope containing magazine!


carriex3 said...

Laughed so hard I made myself sick!!!!

Dani said...

I think that Joe (Unfinisheddad) wrote an article for that issue of Motherhood. Joe- I think Kim just opened the door for you to be a regular on the Daily Show. Kim... the birth of Annie was one thing, but now you've delivered Jon Stewart to our family. You really are an angel.

DoulaMomma said...

Yup - Joe's article is in this issue. Joe + Jon - Perfect Together!

Jung said...

I love TDS and your live taping experience sounds fantastic. Kudos for getting your "question" to Jon Stewart!