10 October 2008

public endorsement of Barack Obama

We know that people whose names get bolded in print often publicly endorse a candidate - celebrities, unions, prominent business people and politicians. But now ordinary women - you and I - are being invited by the Obama - Biden campaign to do so.
(I do not know if John McCain is inviting such endorsement, but if you are a McCain supporter I encourage you to find out)

I learned of this effort from an email:

Subject: Fwd: Fw: join list of women
publicly endorsing Obama & Biden

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 00:46:25 +0000

Send response to: krosen@paforchange.com

Next week the Obama campaign would like to
roll out lists of hundreds of thousands of
American women -- homemakers, teachers/
educators,nurses, businesswomen (non-profit
and profit), community organizers, medical
professionals, et al - who are willing to
publicly endorse Senators Obama and Biden
as the next Democratic President and Vice
President of the United States.

This list, which will be made available to
the media on request, will illustrate the
breadth and depth of support for these
candidates among American women across the
Please send an e-mail - NOW - to Katheryn
Rosen with your name, profession, city,
and state at

THEN , reach out to at least* ten
(10)* other women in your network,
by forwarding this message, ASAP.

NOTE: Women who are affiliated with
organizations that may not be
appropriate for endorsement,
can endorse on a personal basis rather
than an affiliated basis.

I relish this opportunity. I will do as the email asks and
forward to women I think might like to sign on but you
can also copy and paste the
above text into your own email and send it today if you like.

UPDATE: Something is not working - emails
are bouncing back,
though reportedly went through earlier.
So this may not work...you can try.
And/or go to
Women for Obama signup
page is at

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