26 November 2008

against the odds

What's the first thing you think when you see this picture? Me? I think, don't lay on your back - use gravity to push! Once again, my singular focus surprises even me.

In spite of the 95% chance that my client would not give birth on her due date (today), it looks like she might!
Since her call that she is in labor, I have been crazily cooking what I can ahead & making lists obsessively in case my husband or friend has to step in and cook the turkey and stuffing (am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time!). Pie is now made, cranberry sauce is made, stuffing is made & ready to be cooked, table is partially set...whew! Now I just wait for "the" call.
I love how quiet it is, email-wise...I love that everyone is either traveling or busily preparing for tomorrow...oh yeah, and laboring!


Elizabeth Gallo said...

go,baby, go! happy thanksgiving to you!

carriex3 said...

baby be born asap, your bf, wants to be with you for thanksgiving...............
work your baby magic:)

Sarah said...

One of my friends is in labor now, too. And my sister was born on Thanksgiving. What a great day to be born! My daughter was born on her due date, strangely enough. Granted, I went into labor almost 3 days beforehand. Happy birth!!